The Freedom from Sugar Addiction Programme is an 8-week group course that uses evidence-based coaching, NLP and hypnosis. From the sessions, you will break free from your sugar addiction. It's not that you can't have sugar, it's that you won't want sugar!

It is absolutely NOT a diet plan, or a way to restrict food intake and we do NOT use willpower because we know these approaches do not work!

The Freedom from Sugar Addiction programme utilises the human brain's natural learn, unlearn and relearn process. This allows us to learn how the sugar addiction was formed, unlearn all of the harmful conditioning we have received around food, non-foods and food-like-substances throughout our lives.

Once the conditioning is gone, we simply relearn how to eat as nature intended and our bodies find their natural, healthiest shape and size.

Our programme is delivered online through 8 modules

During each session you will receive coaching and hypnosis, which will be recorded and shared with you via our secure link.

Attending each session is very important to the programme, however you will have the recordings to catch-up on and our team are on hand to support you with any queries or questions you may have.

We love to see how our clients not only experience freedom from their sugar addiction but also lose weight, feel healthy and many say they felt like they received a mindset upgrade.